The Long Journey to Marbella, Spain

It took us a looooong time to get here. That’s figuratively in the its-been-years-since-we’ve-REALLY-been-alone-together (much less in a foreign country) sense. And literally, in that it took us 3 flights and nearly 18 hours of travel to go from the DC area to the coast of Spain.

Despite the long travel, there were quite a few highlights:

British Airways was fantastic, our flight attendant James was a prince. And the chicken curry dinner we ate on the plane was no slouch either.

When we flew into Madrid for a stop all we could see for miles and miles and miles–sorry, I mean kilometers and kilometers and kilometers–were these olive trees. It was spectacular and alien and fantastic all at the same time.

0514 Spain-1

And when we arrived at the Marriott Vacation Club Resort in Marbella finally, after such a long day, we were treated to a lovely bottle of wine that we enjoyed on our terrace.


FYI, we’re staying at the resort in Marbella as a generous gift from my in-laws, so I have not been compensated for anything I am or am going to say about this place while I’m here!

In the short time we’ve been here we’ve already managed to have a couple of amazing meals. For lunch, among other things, these clams in olive oil, lots and lots of garlic, thinly sliced cured ham, and fresh tomatoes. Heaven and I will be making them when we return to the states immediately. Ok, and lunch was like at 2pm…

0514 Spain-2

…so for our “snack” at 6pm, we bought some provisions from the local market and enjoyed them on our terrace with a bottle of Riserva Ribera del Duero.

0514 Spain-3

Wine from this region is prevalent here, and I am going to drink as much of it as I can while here.  This was a recommendation from TJ, the sommelier at Volt, months ago and you just don’t ignore recommendations from people like that! It’s harder to find in the states but not impossible. If you can find it, grab it. Deep and rich and earthy, it’s unbelievable with a big meaty meal. I imagine it would be really great with a grilled beef or pork dish. It was probably a bit much for happy hour, but whatever, we’re on vacation! And as long as it took us to get here, we deserve it!