Wine & Dine: California Chardonnay

chardonnay…an occasional series on all things wine

Before we had Nicholas, Dan and I went out for a movie night. This is worth talking about because a) it was one of the last times we were in a movie theater (now we have kids), and b) it has to do with wine. I’m getting there.

Bottleshock was playing. No brainer, right? California wine country, 70′s, Alan Rickman (love him: Sense & Sensibility, Love Actually, Robin Hood, and probably a ton of better movies that actually made him famous), the dude from Star Trek, an underdog story…

But no. Dan and I spent $30 or whatever movie tickets cost these days to see Indiana Jones 4. Worst. Movie. Ever.

Salmon pot pie completeSo anyway, when Bottleshock came out on dvd, Nicholas was sleeping pretty well, we had some time to ourselves again, so we made a night of it. I bought a really nice California Chardonnay (couldn’t afford Chateau Montelena), and created a recipe to pair beautifully: Salmon Pot Pie.

Good movie, good wine, good food. Great night with hubby.

Talk to me. What kind of menus to you make that start with the wine?