Weekly Menu: Lentils, Cauliflower (and yes, the kids will love it)

I’m feeling the need to eat a ton of veggies this week, but there’s just not a whole lot in season anymore. Carrots, leeks, and cauliflower can still be found though so I’ve snapped them up. Salmon with Lentils eating

The week starts with Ina Garten’s Lentil Soup–which is amazing. It’s chock full of carrots, leeks, celery and delicious French lentils. The recipe also makes a TON. Way more than we can eat before we get sick of it. So I used some of the leftovers, strain the broth, and serve on the side of grilled salmon for a classic combo that comes together in a couple of minutes. Any remaining soup can be pureed with cooked brown rice for a healthy stage 3 baby meal.

Finally, on Friday’s we love to make pasta as an end of week treat. So I’ll roast up some cauliflower and toss it with rigatoni, capers, and red pepper flakes. Add an interesting Italian white and voila! A week of delicious, and fairly healthy, eating!

Menu #1:Lentil Soup

Ina Garten’s Lentil Soup
Grilled Chicken Sausage
Garden Salad

Menu #2:Salmon with Lentils

Salmon with Lentils
Swiss Chard

Wine: Pinot Noir

Menu #3:Cauliflower Rigatoni

Rigatoni with Roasted Cauliflower and Capers
Wine: Medium bodied Italian white (like a Soave)

Shopping List

4 6-ounce salmon fillets, skin on
chicken sausage
1 pound French green lentils–Whole Foods sells these in the bulk foods bins
onions–3 large
1 pound swiss chard
olive oil
red wine vinegar
3 quarts chicken stock
kosher salt
black pepper
ground cumin
red pepper flakes
tomato paste
Parmesan cheese
pecorino romano cheese
crusty Italian bread