Bon dia from a foodie’s paradise. 

I am sitting in the small dining room of La Pubilla, just outside of a market in Gracia, Barcelona. The walls are lined with books like Larousse Gastronomic, The French Laundry, and La Livre de la Tripe. It’s 10am, and the place is packed with people having breakfast, drinking wine and espresso. Young people with […]

0514 Spain Mijas-7

Mountain Villages {Ronda & Mijas}

I live in a very urban environment, so part of the enjoyment of coming to a place like the Costa del Sol is experiencing smaller town life. And the history of course. Things that are “new” here were built before anything in my neighborhood was constructed. The coast is protected by the Sierra Nevada mountain […]

0514 Spain Marbella to Puerto Banus-12

8 kilometer {Marbella to Puerto Banus}

We’re fairly simple people. While we like treat ourselves to good food and wine every now and again, we don’t have a lot of nice things. You know, like nice cars or expensive jewelry or yachts. So our walk from Marbella to Puerto Banus was a total trip. Because we saw all of that stuff. […]

0514 Spain-3

The Long Journey to Marbella, Spain

It took us a looooong time to get here. That’s figuratively in the its-been-years-since-we’ve-REALLY-been-alone-together (much less in a foreign country) sense. And literally, in that it took us 3 flights and nearly 18 hours of travel to go from the DC area to the coast of Spain. Despite the long travel, there were quite a […]

Kids Cooking

0414 Orange Chocolate Oatmeal Muffins-2

Orange Chocolate Oatmeal Muffins {low sugar, 3 ww points}

Every time the kids and I go to the grocery store, they beg about getting Cocoa Puffs (and beg, and beg, and beg). The answer is always no. Sorry, cereal has enough sugar as it is, no we are not getting chocolate cereal. Now go find something that has 5 grams or less of sugar […]

0414 Caesar salad-4

Caesar salad {kids cooking}

“I’d just like a nice Caesar salad with some grilled chicken” says my 5-year old son occasionally. Because, you know, that’s a typical kids dinner request. No problem though, I like your style and hey let’s make it together! Mixing and measuring the dressing is fun, plus we get to use ingredients we don’t normally […]



Guinness-Braised Short Ribs with Scallion and Irish Cheddar Grits

Years ago, while I putting myself through grad school, I waited tables at this great restaurant down in DC. Back in those days, it was one of those places where locals would come on weeknights for a really quality meal and great beer and absolutely no pretense. The chef was great, and he would totally […]