Shortcut meals

This summer, my husband has been working late 2 nights a week. I’ve been trying to keep my cooking time really short on those nights so I can play with my 2-year-old as much as possible. Here are 2 recipes that worked really well recently:

  • Store-bought Spinach-cheese Ravioli with Pistachio-Mint Pesto: This one was really good. The Cooking Light recipe called for fettucine, but ravioli was on sale that week and my son is not a huge fan of pasta anyway. He’ll eat ravioli, though – he loves the cheese filling, and anything that gets spinach into his belly is a win as far as I’m concerned. I shelled the pistachios the night before and put all the pesto components into a bowl so when I got home from work I just had to toss them in the mini-food processor and boil the ravioli. The one change I made to the pesto recipe is to cut out the salt – I figured the ravioli is already salty enough and the Romano cheese adds saltiness too.
  • “Southwest” Chicken Caesar Salad: Rotisserie Chicken, romaine lettuce, bottled caesar dressing (we like the Simply Dressed brand), toasted wheat baguette. Leftover black beans and corn were a last-minute addition. My son really enjoyed the chicken, toast, and corn.

Do you have any favorite super-fast meals?

Skipping right to leftovers

Where's the egg? I ate it already.

A couple years ago, after making corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day, I had some left over. This led to a great discovery – corned beef hash. With an egg on top. We like it so much that now I just make the corned beef and turn it right into hash. This week we got potatoes, cabbage, and onions in our CSA delivery so all we needed at the store was the beef brisket.  [Read more…]

Grits ‘n Greens

Some of this week's CSA delivery

Hi! I’m Gourmet Mommy’s first guest poster – her sister. I guess that makes me a gourmet auntie, although I’m also a mom. My son (hereafter referred to as The Bear) is 10 months old, just a few weeks older than his cousin, Baby K.  [Read more…]