About Me

Hi, I’m Lea. Thanks for coming to check out my site! I’m a mom of 2 young kids, the wife of a great guy, a professional, and a wanna-be gourmet home cook living in Baltimore with my wonderful family.

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Before having my kids, I loved to cook, eat, and entertain gourmet style. Having a baby certainly changed things. Time and money are now luxuries that need to be balanced with the needs of my new family. But I still crave good cuisine and sharing it with friends and family.

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I also want to teach my son and daughter about the joy of food. I want to raise them to be open-minded to try new things and thoughtful about where their food comes from. And as they grow up, I want them to be self-sufficient and know how to cook and prepare food for himself and their families one day.

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I find myself preparing meals with more humble ingredients, but still making it a special treat. I cook with my kids, and prepare their meals with those same ingredients.

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