Seeking lost marbles in Spain


“Mommy, I can’t find my marbles. Did you lose them? Are you going to Spain to get some more marbles?” That’s my exceedingly intuitive son. Yes dear, your mommy and daddy are going to Spain to replace our lost marbles.

Nearly 2 whole weeks without the kids. IN SPAIN!

It’s just the hubs and I being adults and exploring places that are completely new to us. We’ve been so in the weeds with daily life, especially in the past couple of years with 2 young children, stressful jobs, long commutes, and a masters program and a blog to boot! To say a break is sorely needed is an understatement.

This is us looking excited and nervous at the same time just before we boarded our first flight (British Airways, by the way. Heaven).

parents on vacation

Despite that this is well deserved, it’s hard to shake the anxiety about being so far away from the kids for so long. We’ve never done anything like this! Did we forget something? What if something goes wrong? Will they think we’ve abandoned them? …with their grandparents who are taking theme to baseball games, aquariums, science museums, the beach…..hmmm, I wonder if they’ll want us to come back?

But still, it’s hard to shake the nervousness that we’ve missed something. And despite the kids attempts to drive me completely insane in the days (weeks, years) leading up to this, I’m going to miss those little boogers.

Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy some amazing food, wine, culture, and the company of that guy sitting next to me that I’ve hardly seen in 2 years.

Now, excuse me while I look up the phrase for: yes please, I’d like some more.


  1. Maria says

    Really hoping to take a food tour through your Spain trip via your blog! Have a blast, post often and bring back a marble; maybe two.

    • says

      Thanks! I am definitely going to post at least a few times from the road, maybe even more often! I think I’ve already found a marble or two–they hide them in the wine bottles here in Spain. :)

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