Why I’m Attending Blog U in June

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I’m not one who believes in signs. In fact, when others have said something is a sign, I’ve literally scoffed. Not “literally” like it didn’t really happen, literally like the “Pshaw” sound came out of my mouth.

But then BlogU happened.

You see, I’ve had this blog, GourmetMommy, up and running since my oldest was a baby. That’s 2009 for those of you counting. But I work full time, I had another baby, I make food for my family and I find all kinds of excuses why not to keep it up. So I’ve stopped and started a number of times since 2009.

This past fall, I got a talking to by my best friend. She said: just post. Get out there and do it. Stop planning and talking about it and just do it. Who cares if it’s good or interesting or complete, just get stuff out there. See what happens. My husband was finishing a masters degree, and the kids were no longer babies. They didn’t necessarily need me 24/7. Ok, I said, let’s do this. Let’s see what happens.

So I started the new year with the philosophy: I’m kicking this year’s ass. Exercising, parenting, working, blogging. I looked into blogger conferences since I’ve seen others talk about going, but there was nothing feasible. Either too far away, or at times I couldn’t swing. I posted, but it waned.

I’m a food blogger so I read that you should post to FoodGawker and TasteSpotting so I did. And I was declined 16 times. Each. I bought a fancy new camera and continued to be declined.

Work was hectic, the kids were needy (I thought they wouldn’t need me 24/7!), the winter was horrible, and the hubs wasn’t quite yet done with his masters. I wasn’t so sure I’d be kicking this years ass anymore. In fact, I pretty much wanted to crawl in a hole and hide.

Then came a weekend in mid-March. Dan finished his masters program! With a 4.0! The weather broke, finally! It was lovely out! I had bought a Living Social certificate for a photography class, and I got 4 hours to myself while he took care of the kids. And lo and behold, I got my first acceptance on FoodGawker. My traffic increased by 4x. And, that night, as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw a link from Let Me Start By Saying, a blog I follow by a woman I idolize. She mentioned BlogU so I followed the link assuming it would be across the country or something else I couldn’t attend.

And what do you know: it is being held in my hometown, just a couple of miles from my house. Ok, so, for someone who doesn’t believe in signs, after months of feeling blue, a weekend of everything being beautiful ending with this blogger conference showing up out of nowhere, I’m sold! It’s a sign! Of what I don’t know, but I can’t wait to attend and get to meet all of these amazing women I think are so amazing and learn and grow.

I’m so excited to go, and I can’t wait to meet everyone there!



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    Lea – I was equally excited to see such an awesome conference coming to my hometown. Looking forward to meeting you in a month!

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