Thanksgiving Vegetable Love

Thanksgiving vegetable sides

We’re doing Thanksgiving a little different this year. Typically we go to my husband’s family’s house for the day for a big family meal. It’s loud, it’s chaotic, there’s drama, there are relatives there that we haven’t seen since the last year’s Thanksgiving.

Usually I bring something to the table, usually it’s a vegetable dish. Here I am obsessing about what to bring in previous years. 

This year, I’m actually making Thanksgiving dinner at home, probably just the 4 of us. We’ll see his family in the following days for another event so we’re keeping it local. I say probably just the 4 of us because we usually can’t help ourselves and will find friends to invite and it will be amazing.

Among the many, many things I’m thankful for, I’m thankful that my kids love to eat their vegetables.    I don’t have to cajole or bribe or hide them away–mixed in with pasta or mashed up in a sauce. Nope, they like them front and center, the star of the show. I’m lucky–I know that.

So on a day when we tend to go into meat and carb overload, I’ll be putting a plethora of produce on our Thanksgiving table. Right next to the turkey. And gravy. And mashed potatoes. And cornbread stuffing. And dinner rolls.

Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving vegetable side dishes:

Not soggy or mushy green beans

Braised kale (polenta optional)

Nearly any kind of brussels sprout recipe

Obnoxiously rich cauliflower gratin

A random assortment of roasted fall vegetables

What are your favorite Thanksgiving veg?


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