Kickass dinner: my curry superhero story

Pantry Passport finishedFeatured Recipe: Pantry Indian Dinner
Pair with: Beer

I’ll share a secret with you: putting dinner on the table at the end of the day is my superpower.

I work, a lot. So does Dan. But, at the end of nearly every day we sit at the dinner table together with the kids talking about our days. What did you learn in school today? Today we learned to count to a thousand. How was your day mommy? Great, I practiced counting to 10 a few times today.

Family dinner matters. It gives us something to gather around, and experience to share together after our day apart. And I love providing that. When I put something delicious and healthy and different on the table, I say to myself: I can juggle it all! I can pull it off! I am successful!

Here’s another secret: my zeal for cooking is also my kryptonite. If I can’t find the energy or the time or the wherewithal to get something delicious and healthy and different on the table, I am a complete and total failure. No, I don’t really think that, but I do feel guilty when we make mac and cheese or pasta and sauce. No one else cares, it’s just me.

So I started stocking the pantry and freezer with ingredients and shortcuts that can be made into dinner in under 20 minutes in just 1 pot. And so was born Pantry Indian Dinner, using a store bought Indian simmer sauce, some canned chickpeas, and frozen vegetables. As easy as mac and cheese or pasta, but a little healthier and a little something different.

Wham! Pow! Thwack! I kicked this dinner’s ass!

Pantry Passport finished


  1. Dave in SC says

    I cooked this recipe for dinner tonight and Angela and I absolutely loved it. I was especially floored by how easy it was, I am usually a little intimidated by cooking Indian, but this was so simple. I added some chicken to it, but it came out too dry. I seared it first and added it along with the beans and peppers. I probably should have skipped searing it and put it in with the potatoes, but I wasn’t certain that it would cook all the way through. I think I’ll try it next time though.

    The thing that usually intimidates me the most about Indian fare is the rice. I think it must take years of practice to perfect cooking Basmati rice to make it in any way near as delicious as it is when you go to an Indian restaurant. However, for this recipe I tried a 10 minute Uncle Ben’s Basmati rice that I’m embarrassed to say how much better it was than anything I’ve done on my own. For making a quick meal, it’s definitely worth it.

    I totally agree with the beer pairing, I recommend an IPA, for obvious reasons, but I would love to see you add a quick recipe for garlic Naan. I was thinking of buttering it and adding chopped garlic and herbs on top and then broil it for a minute or two.

    Thanks again for the great recipe!

    • says

      Thanks so much for the review! I’m betting the chicken will stay tender if you put it in with the potatoes. Especially if you slice it nice and thin. One of the tricks I use for making decent rice is using a bigger pot than you think you’d need. So for a couple of cups of rice, use a nice big 4 quart pot. It allows for more surface area so it doesn’t get dense and sticky. But for a quick meal, if Uncle Ben’s is working for you, great! Garlic naan, coming up…

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