A bowlful of heaven: Ragu Bolognese

bologneseFeatured Recipe: Ragu Bolognese 
Featured Wine: Chianti

I went out for a mommies night out with Linda from KidFriendlyDC* and some other cool moms from DC.

Let’s pause. I. Went. Out. Can you say, wooo hooooooo?

Outburst over. Anyway, we went to this amazing Italian restaurant* that is not at all kid friendly. No high chairs, no booster seats, no paper on the table. It was fabulous. And I haven’t even gotten to the food. Housemade charcuterie, housemade pasta, a wine list you could spend hours studying. Many things I simply can’t replicate at home.

Most Italian food though is something you can replicate at home. That’s what I love about it: so many of the most amazing dishes are made of just a couple of ingredients sitting in your fridge or garden. Just give them some love and you’re rewarded 10-fold. Not unlike your darling children that sleep through the night…I digress.bolognese

Ragu Bolegnese. A perfect example of humble ingredients turned into a mouthwatering masterpiece with just a little love. And time. And maybe a little stirring. Take ingredients that you probably already have in your fridge or freezer right now. Start cooking at naptime. Leave alone on the stove for a few hours. By dinner you have a bowlful of heaven.bolognese ingredients

I essentially use Marcella Hazan‘s recipe for Bolegnese. It’s classic, and surprisingly light just using veggies, ground beef, milk and white wine. You can mix it up a few different ways if you want though too. Use red wine instead of white for a heavier sauce. Omit the milk in the long cooking time and add a bit of cream for a really rich sauce. Add in pork or Italian sausage for some pig love. Or even use a beef or pork roast cut into chunks instead of ground meat for a shredded meat sauce.

I like to serve over fettuccine with a classic Chianti. Heaven.

*The restaurant is called Cinghiale and if you’re ever in Baltimore without young children you should check it out. And if you’re ever in DC with your kids, check out KidFriendlyDC before you come. It’s got the best tips on events happening around the region that are awesome to check out with your kids.


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