One Pot Wonder Challenge: Chicken Barley Stew

chicken barley stewFeatured Recipe: Chicken Barley Stew

If I told you that I could feed mom, dad, big kid #1, and little baby #2 for less than a buck a serving, you’d be like: awesome, right? Let’s add healthy, delicious, and fits in one pot so there’s no clean up: could it be possible? Well, I know it’s possible for many people to do, but can I do it?chicken barley stew

I really like to cook. It’s fun for me. Shopping for the best ingredients is like my own little quest. Prepping my mise en place (chopping veggies) is my personal meditation time. And at the end of all of it, I get to share my work with people I care about. And they seem to like it. So, it may have been mentioned once or twice to me that I may possibly make a bigger deal out of a meal than I need to. That’s just crazy talk though. I’m sure they didn’t mean it.

D was been bugging me to write something about a one pot meal, since he hates doing dishes. But let’s face it: a really good dinner isn’t a success unless I spend a whole paycheck on it, go to every market in town for the specialty ingredients, and use every pot and pan in the house.

But I took the challenge. A simple meal, in one pot, that doesn’t cost a fortune.

And I realized, it’s nice to get back to basics. With my Chicken Barley Stew, I use classic combinations of vegetables, make my own stock, add a hearty grain and I’ve got a comforting and healthy meal that didn’t make a huge mess, freezes great, and feeds the whole family. And cost about $10 for the whole pot of food.barley stew ingredients

Since K is eating stage 2 baby foods, I was even able to puree some up for her. Which allowed me to break out the food processor. Thank goodness, that one pot was getting awfully lonely.

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