Anniversary Dinner(s) #1: Champagne Charles de Fere

cioppino2Featured Recipe: Cioppino
Featured Wine: Charles de Fare Blanc de Blancs

5 years ago I married my best friend, and I couldn’t be happier. We have an amazing family, great friends, and just a wonderful life together. As I think back on all of our years together, I’m so overwhelmed at all of the wonderful memories we’ve created.wedding1

As I sat down to write a post about the great anniversary dinner we were going to make, I found that I couldn’t edit it down to just one meal, just one bottle of wine, just one event. There have been too many good times. Often involving food and wine, but mainly because they’ve involved friends and family and special moments together…which often involve food and wine.wedding3

So, instead I’m going to do a post every day for the next 5 days, each about a bottle of wine that represents something special to us. Yes, I could have done this through movies we’ve watched, places we’ve been, the seasons. Whatever. This is Gourmet Mommy: I’m remembering our special times through wine.

In time for Valentine’s day, how do you celebrate your special memories?

Wine #1: Charles de Fere champagne.

Our wedding was awesome. Seriously, the best party ever. In my totally unbiased opinion. We rented this big old mansion in the middle of winter, had all of our friends and family come, and pretended we were having the coolest dinner party ever. wedding 4

We wanted our guests for feel right at home, so as they walked through the door they were handed a glass of champagne. Which, actually, we never really do for our guests in our own home unless it’s the champagne of beers, but hey, we were pretending we lived in a mansion. So champagne.
Picking this particular champagne, Charles de Fere, was even a special memory for us. Long before children, we had some of our closest friends over to our house for New Year’s Eve and had a champagne tasting. We picked 4 bottles of champagne that were each around $10 and had a great time tasting and testing and tasting and testing. And tasting and testing.
In the end, we picked Charles de Fere. It’s a French sparkling wine that goes great with food, but is great on its own too. At $12 a bottle, we often keep a case at home so we can always celebrate those special occasions.
A perfect recipe for pairing is Cioppino. Another sentimental meal in our house, it’s what we traditionally make on Christmas Eve. But Casey at Good. Food. Stories. reminded me that it’s great anytime of year–especially now around Valentine’s Day.
So snuggle up with your honey, break out the champagne, and create some special memories together!


    • gourmetmommy says

      I just got it at my local wine store. In Baltimore, that’s Bin 604, but I think it’s pretty widely available.

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