Spring Love: Shrimp & Pea Risotto

februaryFeatured Recipe: Shrimp & Pea Risotto

Hey, East Coasters. Been enjoying the mild winter? You’re welcome.

Oh, did I just take credit for the 50 degree sunny days in February? You tell me:

1. In November we bought snow boots for the entire family. Including N, who will totally outgrow them before next year.

2. We moved our entire house around so that we could make a playroom for N. This was so that in the bitter winter months, he’ll have a place to play since we won’t be able to go outside.

3. We made some new friends, and have made a plan to meet for a ploughman’s platter extravaganza on the first snow day. But we have agreed not to speak of it again until that snow day.

I’m pretty sure there’s a dude name Murphy out there laughing at us.

Ok, so it’s spring. I can dig it. How about some Shrimp & Pea Risotto? Feels like spring, but doesn’t actually require that any of the ingredients be in season.

N loves it. What kid wouldn’t? It’s like mac an cheese, but pretty much 100 times more awesome. And he’s a fiend for shrimp.shrimp and pea risotto yum

Grab a Pinot Gris from Oregon to pair; it’s perfect. If you can’t find an Oregon Pinot Gris, don’t sub Pinot Grigio from Italy. That’s like subbing Miller Lite for a Stella. Better choice: unoaked Chardonnay or if you want Italian, Soave.oregon pinot gris


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