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Featured Recipes: Baked Buffalo Wings, Slow Cooker Chili, Guacamole

Sniff. Sob. Waaaa.

No, that’s not K, darling child that she is almost sleeping through the night. That’s me, mourning the end of yet another football season. This was a rough one for me. My fantasy team stunk–I lost my first two draft picks in the first week with season-ending injuries. My college team, for which I had such high hopes (Go NOLES!), didn’t show up this season. And my pro team, Go Steelers, did just well enough to get into the playoffs but injured themselves so badly in the process they didn’t have a prayer of making it to the big dance.

So. Here we are. End of the season on Sunday. Pats, Giants, couldn’t care less except I will care less when there’s no football at all. So, to mourn the end of another football season, I will celebrate all of the close match ups, overtime victories and losses, wide left field goal attempts, with a fabulous Super Bowl-worthy spread. But my goodness, I’m not going to put any effort into it.

While I wouldn’t serve the wings to little ones, the chili and guacamole are appropriate for kids over a year or so.

Baked Buffalo Wingswings

I love Buffalo wings, but they are seriously so bad for you. Deep fried, tossed in hot sauce and butter…I don’t even want to think about how many points they are. And if you make them the traditional way at home, it’s a messy and dangerous endeavor–especially with kids around.

So I use a MUCH easier, and probably a little bit healthier, method: I bake them. 

Put your cookie cooling racks on a baking sheet. wings preppedThen rest the wings on top and bake for an hour. The grease drips away, and the wings still get nice and crispy. Then just toss in Frank’s hot sauce. No need for butter in my opinion.

Slow Cooker Chili

What’s a Super Bowl without a big pot of chili? Especially a big pot of chili that doesn’t require any attention from you. A little prep the night before, simmer away all day and you’ve got yourself a party.chili ingredients


My mom was born and raised in California, so she’s always made guacamole as part of a football spread. I think it’s a requirement in Cali–you’re not allowed to leave the state until you’ve perfected guacamole. After years of watching her make it, this is as close as I can get to her recipe.guacamole final

Now, the only question is: should I serve Brooklyn IPA or Sam Adams?

What kind of food are you making for the big game?


  1. Stephanie says

    I have no preference for the winner of the Big Game either but I rest easy this week knowing 1) FSU has the #2 ranked recruiting class in the country (no bad for a bit of a disappointing season) AND 2) the fact that I might get to attend a Super Bowl parade. So, I vote that you drink Sam Adams or Harpoon. I love parades. Especially ones that go right by my office! Your wing recipe seems healthier – I will tell myself that when I make them.

  2. Jane Kleinschmidt says

    This menu is perfect for us to spend the evening watching the Big game. Right now the grocery store here is selling avacados for 28 cents each! Unheard of. We’ll serve IPA, my favorite!

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