Winter “BLT” Night: Grilled Gruyere with Salami Relish and Slow Roasted Tomato Soup

tomato soup and grilled cheeseFeatured Recipes: Grilled Gruyere with Salami and Cornichon RelishRoasted Tomato Soup

First, a tale. Then, winter BLT that is actually salami and gruyere. 

Our friend Steve owns a restaurant. It’s a really cool restaurant with great food, great beer, and a hip vibe.We like to go there because it kind of makes us feel young and hip.Going out to eat at 6pm with 2 kids is so not young or hip, but please don’t burst our bubble.

Steve moved to our neighborhood in the summertime to open his place. Opening a restaurant is hard. And surreal. The stories he would tell ranged from construction snafu’s to wine tastings to city red tape navigation. I think Steve was working 100 hours or more a week to get the place up and running.

That same summer, I found myself going to the farmers market on Sunday mornings and buying way too many heirloom tomatoes and fresh baked bread. And I made bacon for breakfast, but since I bake it I we always had leftovers. Leftover bacon? Weird, but yes somehow we managed not to consume it all.grilled gruyere ingredients

So, BLT Monday was born. Steve needed a break from whatever he was dealing with that week. And we needed an outlet for our leftover bacon, fresh beautiful tomatoes, grilled day-old bread rubbed with garlic…

I wish it were summer. I miss tomatoes.

But it’s not. Our friend Steve came over on a recent Monday on his night off from his cool place. It’s the first time in ages we’d seen him outside of his restaurant. So I wanted to make the winter version of Monday BLT’s.

We’re back to the salami and gruyere. Almost.  

Roma tomatoes looked ok at the store. Slow roasted them for 4 hours at 250 degree and they really started to look good. Through the food mill, add broth and cream: Roasted Tomato Soup. Fab.

Obviously grilled cheese comes next. Started with gruyere because, well, just because. Which made me think of fondue. Which made me think of bread, salami, and cornichons. So, yeah, I just went there. Grilled Gruyere with Salami and Cornichon Relish. with Roasted Tomato Soup.

tomato soup and grilled cheese

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