Spaghetti Night: Turkey Meatballs Florentine

mmmm meatballsFeatured Recipe: Turkey Meatballs Florentine

Wednesday night is spaghetti night in our house. Well, not actually IN our house…our favorite pub down the street has a spaghetti special on Wednesday nights and after a day of brain drain we typically blow off whatever healthy dinner we had planned and head on down to the pub. N doesn’t mind.

But, it’s the new year and all, so we’re trying to be healthy…can we get to February already so we can start talking about chocolate and martinis?

Right, still January. Healthy. So here’s an alternative to a huge portion of pub-style spaghetti and meatballs: Turkey Meatballs Florentine.


Ground turkey, spinach, fresh breadcrumbs, sauteed then simmered in a simple marinara that has an added boost of flavor and vitamins with grated carrots incorporated.


Serve over whole wheat noodles and you’ve got a hearty, but still pretty healthy, way to combat hump day.

meatballs and marinara

Oh, let’s be honest, I made this over the weekend and we are still totally going out to the pub tonight. But it was a nice thought, wasn’t it?

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