Meat Loaf and meatloaf

New Year’s Resolution #2: Work out more. I’m going to need a little inspiration for that one.  Who do I turn to? Pandora of course. Station: Meat Loaf. Really, you say? I don’t really even like Meat Loaf. Yes, trust me. Just do it. You don’t have to like Meat Loaf. You just have to like music that rocks and is awesome. That’s the beauty of Pandora.

You’ve got Meat Loaf of course, already excellent workout music–Bat Out of Hell anyone? Then you throw in some Queen (I Want it All), Bon Jovi (Livin on a Prayer), and Journey (Any Way You Want It) just to rattle off the first few songs on the station.

Right, so anyway, this post is actually about meatloaf the food. Like Meat Loaf the artist, do not underestimate it’s potential for awesomeness. Make a classic recipe for your family, it’s comfort food that can last a whole week. Make a cumin-scented lamb meatloaf over couscous and you’ve got an exotic twist on an old favorite. Or make Red Wine Glazed Meatloaf over Parsnip Puree for company and you’ll knock their socks off.

Oh, and it’s only 8 Weight Watchers points, if you care about that sort of thing (see New Year’s Resolution #1).

Plus, make a Parsnip Puree for baby. Feed while playing Meat Loaf Pandora station. Katie has been in this world for 5 months; it’s time she learned to rock. And eat parsnips.


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    I am desperately clinging on to my fitness (53 year old male) on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis. I hit the gym every second day and have been doing so fr a few years now. My number one training music is Meatloaf. Greatest Rock Anthems Ever and similar stuff come in a poor second. No doubt, Bat Out of Hell is fitness opera.

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