Potluck or Picnic Fare: Sesame Noodles

The weather has been so amazing lately, it’s made me want to be outside as much as possible! Tonight I think we’ll pick Nicholas up from school and head to the park with a picnic dinner in hand. Picnic in the park

A weeknight picnic can be tough since there’s really no time to prep between coming home from work and getting everyone outside. Often we’ll pick up a rotisserie chicken and a couple of sides from the grocery for a spur-of-the-moment outdoor treat. But, if we’re planning ahead I like to make Sesame Noodles. This is actually a dish I originally developed for Nicholas’ back-to-school potluck. It’s totally make ahead, and there’s no dairy or mayo so no problems staying room temperature for an extended time. And, since it uses tahini rather than peanut butter in the dressing, I feel ok about bringing it to a larger gathering where I may not know all of the allergy issues.

Sesame Noodles is the perfect picnic or potluck fare that the whole family will love.

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