0414 shredded beef-1

Peppadew Beef Sliders {potlucks & picnics}

Picnics and potlucks and parties, oh my! Got to love the start of the social season. I’m so looking forward to concerts in the park, school social potlucks, pool parties, backyard parties… For someone who cooks as much as I do, you’d think I’d have a “go-to” dish to contribute to these events, but I […]

0414 Asparagus Gnocchi and Scallops-7

Asparagus Gnocchi with Scallops {spring fever}

Yippeee! yahooo! It’s SPRING! Why am I so excited, you may ask? Well, you probably don’t ask–who doesn’t like spring? I am so excited because…WE GET TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. Cold, wet, grey weather does NOT mix well with young, active children. I can categorically declare that I can build just about anything with Legos […]

0414 Shrimp and Grits-4

Shrimp and Grits {food obsessions}

You know that movie “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts where every time Mel sees a copy of Jack Kerouc’s “On the Road” he is compelled to buy it? Yeah, so, that’s me and Shrimp and Grits. Every time I see it on the menu I pretend that I’m considering other options but […]

0314 Cardamom Roasted Whole Carrots -2

Cardamom Roasted Whole Carrots {happiness}

There is something about spring that just makes me happy. Going outside, seeing friends you haven’t seen in awhile, watching the daffodils and tulips come up. It makes me think about the things that make me happy: Spending time with family and friends, old and new. Watching my kids grow up, become little people, and […]

Kids Cooking

0314 sweet potato fries 2

Mustardy Sweet Potato Wedges {kids cooking}

Sweet potatoes and I, we didn’t understand each other for a long time. They didn’t make sense to me. I dunno, I guess I feel like if you want potatoes have potatoes and if you want something sweet have fruit. Or chocolate. When we collectively discovered that sweet potatoes are better for you than regular […]

0314 meatloaf meal 2

Individual Meat Loaves

Let’s all admit it…the best part of meatloaf is the crust. Sweetened by ketchup, the caramelized, crusty outside is reason alone to make meatloaf. That’s one reason that I made these meatloaves individual-sized–to maximize the crust-factor. The other is that they freeze better and who doesn’t want their very own meatloaf for dinner any night […]



Guinness-Braised Short Ribs with Scallion and Irish Cheddar Grits

Years ago, while I putting myself through grad school, I waited tables at this great restaurant down in DC. Back in those days, it was one of those places where locals would come on weeknights for a really quality meal and great beer and absolutely no pretense. The chef was great, and he would totally […]